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At the XE, NE, SEN (Small Footprints) Child Care Center we strive to meet the individual needs of our families. We believe:

Centre Routines

Familiar routines help your child feel safe and comfortable in the Centre's environment. We do our best to provide regular routines so that your child will know what to expect during the day.

Our activities at XE, NE, SEN Daycare Centre include:

XE, NE, SEN Daycare Operating Information

Hours of Operation

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00 pm.


We are closed for all statutory holidays, including National Aboriginal Day (June 21st)

We will also be closed for Professional Development Days as well as closures designated by the Tsawout Health Centre.   We will do our best give families enough notice in order to make alternate arrangements.

unforeseen closures

Unforeseen closure may occur due to following:

Snow Closures

XE, NE, SEN will close if it is unsafe for staff to drive to work.  Please listen to the local news on the radio to find out about school district closures and or school bus cancellations.

Daycare Fees

XE, NE, SEN Daycare fees are based on the child-care subsidy rates.  The cost for each child is $550 per month.

Child Drop-Off & Pickup

As per the Child Care Licensing Regulation (CCLR) it is the responsibility of the staff to see that all of the children attending the Centre are dropped off safely and picked up by authorized persons only.

Child Drop-off: To ensure that the children participate in the daily program and field trips, children must (extenuating circumstances allowed) be at the Center by 9:00 AM.

Parent Sign In/Out Sheets: Parents are required to sign their child/ren in and out, with the time of arrival or departure, along with their initials. Any messages for the staff or parent are noted on this sheet as a reminder for further communication. These sheets will be kept in a permanent file.

Child Pickup: All children must be picked up by 4:00 PM daily. If a parent/guardian is experiencing difficulties and needs to make alternate arrangements for picking up their child/ren, then that parent must make contact with the Center Before 3:00 PM.

Licensing & staff

The XE, NE, SEN Child Care Center complies with the Child Care Licensing Regulations (CCLR) of the Community Care Facility Act.  Please ask the Director Brenda Morris if you wish to see a copy of these regulations or contact the local provincial licensing office.

For Children Over 36 months (3 years) of age.

Daycare Policies

XE, NE, SEN Childcare Center has developed a comprehensive policy document that includes policies on the following:

Please find a detailed description of the XE, NE, SEN Childcare Policies here.pdf_icon.gif

Child Enrollment


 Space is limited; therefore we have basic criteria for admission into the Center.  Priority will be given to:

We maintain a wait list. When a space becomes available the Manager will contact the parent/guardian. If the parent/guardian does not respond the Manager will contact the next person on the list.

Download the XE, NE, SEN Child Enrollment Form & Parent Agreement  here.pdf-icon_1.gif