Tsawout Boy's Group


Boy's Group Hours :
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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Phone Dave Neil: 250-652-1149
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Tsawout Boys Group promotes healthy activities that promote confidence, self-esteem, increased resiliency and cultural awareness.  Research has shown that cultural continuity and internal awareness of culture may reduce suicide rates of First Nation peoples. 
The guidance and direction of this group will come from Judith Stein of Health Canada, from parents and community members, and from Chief and Council.
The following is a list of the core components of the group:

 All of the activities will be adjusted to suit the age group that is attending for that time period.  For instance, the 8 to 10 year olds may attend for an hour and fifteen minutes, where as the 13 and up group may attend for two hours depending on the level of participation. 

We encourage participation of a significant adult in the child’s life.  This is also a good time for adults participating to reduce and manage stress after a long day.  

Download the Boy's Group registration forms here:

Please complete the form for you child, and return it to Dave Niel at the Tsawout Health Department as soon as possible.  Group size is limited to ten (10) children and selection will be based on the first children to had in completed registration forms.