Food & Nutrition


Food is a vital part of anyone’s life. It has a great deal of meaning to people. Food is not only a fuel for our bodies but it is also a way for us to relate and connect with others. As much as it is important to fill our bodies with the fuel that makes them run at their full potential, it is important to remember that we are also feeding the spirit.

At the health centre, nutritious food plays an important role. We bring food into many of our events and programs. It is our aim to make sure that these foods are nutritious but at the same time nourishing to the spirit. Our goal is to work on changing dietary practices through demonstration. We focus on modifying foods that people already like into healthier alternatives.

An important part of food in this community is the traditional diet. Before colonization obesity and diabetes were basically unheard of amongst First Nations people. Fish and seafood are important staples to this area. Seafood was supplemented with fresh greens and roots as well as berries. This is a vastly different diet to the one eaten by most people these days. A traditional diet is harder to eat all the time these days due to shortages of certain traditional foods and shortage of time. Substitutions can be made to the traditional diet. Eating lean meats, salads and fresh fruit is similar in nutritional value to the traditional diet of the Coast Salish People.

Check out this great video about "Feasting for Change"



 Another important part of food and nutrition is balancing the amount of activity you do to what you eat. If you are very active you require more food as fuel to keep yourself going. If you are less active you require less. You should listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry. Eat until you are satisfied but not until you’re stuffed. Eat slowly and mindfully. Try to recognise what your body is telling you. If you’re not sure if you’re hungry try having a glass of water first. Sometimes thirst gets confused with hunger. There are some valuable resources on the internet in regards to food and nutrition: