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Custom Election Law Update

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Tsawout First Nation Custom Election Law Update: 
Currently elections of Tsawout Chief and Council are conducted pursuant to the Indian Act and its Regulations. Chief and Council would like to remove the Nation from the Indian Act provisions and adopt a Custom Election Law that better reflects the customs and needs of the Nation.

What will change?


Custom Election Law


Indian Act / Regulations


Composition of Council


One (1) Chief;

One (1) Deputy Chief; and

Five (5) Councillors.

The council of a band ... shall consist of one chief, and one councillor for every one hundred members of the band, but the number of councillors shall not be less than two nor more than twelve and no band shall have more than one chief (s.74(2), Indian Act).

Currently, there is one (1) Chief and eight (8) Councillors.


3 year term

2 year term

Removal of Chief or Councillors


Chief and Councillors can be removed based on a petition started by either 25% of the Electors of the Nation or 2/3 majority of Council by the Complaints and Appeal Board that will be established under the Custom Election Law.

Removal requires a declaration by the Minister, that rarely occurs.



The Custom Election Law can be amended from time to time.

No amendments are possible.

In order to be to use the Custom Election Law in the next election in June 2015, Tsawout needs to ratify the Custom Election Law early in the New Year. This means YOU need to vote! Please keep your eye on the Tsawout Community Newsletter and website, as well as notices in the Admin Building about upcoming meetings where the Custom Election Law will be discussed and presented! Copies of the Draft Custom Election Law can be picked up at the Tsawout Reception desk, 7728 Tetayut Road, Saanichton, BC or on the Tsawout Website: www.tsawout.com/electionlaw , or mailed to you by calling Cathy Webster, 250 652 9101. You are also encouraged to confirm your off-reserve mailing address, to ensure that you receive a Mail in Ballot Package when the time comes to vote.