Tsawout First Nation

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Pre and Post Natal Care

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Pre & Post Natal CarePregnancy is an exciting time in a family’s life. There are so many hopes and dreams for the new little person who will be making their big debut. It is important that the parents do their best to live as healthfully as possible during the pregnancy. If you are planning to get pregnant it’s a good idea to practice living well before you get pregnant.

What we offer at the health center are pre and post natal checks in addition to those that you have with your family doctor or OB/GYN. We can check your weight gain, your blood pressure, the baby’s heart rate and how your uterus is growing. We don’t do blood tests here other than finger poke blood sugar tests if you have gestational diabetes.

We also offer prenatal classes. These are tailored to the couple or woman having the baby. There is a difference in what you will need to know if it’s your first baby or if it has been a long time since you have had a baby. We can focus on any area of interest that you have. Some of the things we usually touch on are the growth and development of the baby, what is changing in your body, what you should and should not be eating and labour preparation techniques. We offer a healthy eating program for all pregnant women and those with babies under 1 year of age. You will need a note from the doctor with your due date to sign up for the program. You will get milk, eggs and juice on a weekly basis from the store as well as a fruit box once a month on good food box day.

The post natal program includes home visits as needed once you and your baby get home from the hospital. Breastfeeding is a strong focus of the post natal program. If you are having difficulties getting your baby to breastfeed please call the health centre and we will work with you and the baby to make breastfeeding a successful experience for you. Because our program is centered around encouraging breastfeeding we do not offer or supply formula. However emergency supplies of formula are available through the social development program.

We work closeley with the Head Start Program. Our involvment include things like car seat safety, infant growth and development, and healthy kid friendly cooking. During the school year the Head Start program runs Monday to Thursday mornings in the Health Centre.