Tsawout First Nation

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First Aid Services

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We have a fully stocked first aid cabinet at the health center which is available to all community members. It is accessible even when the nurse is not in the office. We have other staff in the office who are first aid certified and will be able to offer you assistance in an emergency.

We are able to assess you at the health center and either treat you here if it is something fairly minor or refer you either to the walk in clinic or the hospital depending on the severity of the injury.

If you need something from the first aid cupboard please let someone at the office know.  In this way we are able to track what is being used and we are able to keep the cabinet stocked for other community members when they come to see us for first aid.

We do not carry many medications on site. We do, however, have adult Tylenol and Advil for those who need it on an emergency basis. Both of these medications are covered by Non Iinsured Health Benefits with a prescription from your doctor.

We occasionally hold first aid courses through the health centre. If this is something you are interested in doing. Let the health center know and we will be able to connect you with the next scheduled first aid course.