Tsawout First Nation

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Well Baby Care

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Along with your child’s immunizations your baby will be checked on your visits for how they are growing and developing. We will talk about what your child is doing, what they are eating and how they are relating to others.

One of the tools we use to see how your child is developing is the ages and stages questionnaire. Don’t worry if your child falls below the cut off in one area. All children develop at different rates. We will do a follow up with your child a couple of months later to see if they are still falling behind. If they are falling behind we will refer them to the South Vancouver Island Aboriginal Infant Development Program.  This program is offered through the Victoria Native Friendship Centre. At the Infant Development Program the staff will be able to do a more in-depth assessment of your child to determine what, if anything, needs to be put into place to help with your child’s development.

Part of Well Baby Care, is what your baby eats. Throughout the year we do workshops along with the Head Start Program about healthy eating. We discuss the pros and cons of breast feeding and bottle feeding, we talk about first foods and when to introduce them and we do child friendly cooking programs. We are currently working on a cookbook of recipes that the Head Start group have "cooked" together to distribute to the community. When it is finished it will be added to the website.

Any time you want to weigh or measure your baby feel free to drop by the health center to have your baby weighed and measured. We will be able to give you a print out of how your baby is growing, both in relation to themselves as well as where they lie in relation to other babies. What we are looking for when we are looking at your baby’s growth is a pattern over time. If your baby is at about the 50th percentile at two months we expect them to stay at about the same percentile as they grow. It isn’t as important how big they are at any given visit as it is how big they are compared to how big they have been in the past.