Tsawout First Nation

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After School Homework Program

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Phone: 250 - 652 -4287
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The purpose of the program is to serve the community of Tsawout by providing quality educational support, nutritional snacks, and advocacy to school students. The goal of the program is to provide a structured and safe environment, which stresses responsible behavior, respect for others, and a positive attitude for all students and staff. Students focus on homework, reading, writing, math and group activities. The After School Program has helped to successfully motivate our kids, teach teamwork and responsibility, instill values, and inspire students to become role models by using the motto R.R.I.C.H.H. - Respectfulness, Responsibility, Independence, Cooperation, and Helpfulness, and Honesty


The Tsawout After- School Homework Program began in 2001 under the Social Development Department. Originally the program was attended by a group of 10 students at elementary grade level, on a drop in basis from 3:00pm - 4:30pm. Over the next 5 years, the program expanded to include a full range of age groups and grade levels, from kindergarten through to grade 12. Over those five years, the program shifted its focus from movies and games to core reading, writing, and math based activity sheets, culturally appropriate crafts, and a SENCOTEN language program.

Since 2003, a need was recognized for a more structured environment, and grade appropriate classrooms. This helped us to improve focus, and ensure that the time spent at the program was effective and since 2007 the program has grown further in terms of students attending.
New relationships have been forged with various volunteer groups, The University of Victoria and all of  the Saanich schools.

To date, the After School Homework Program has worked with over 100 children in the community. Currently we have 68 registered students, with approximately 40 students attending on a daily basis. The After School Homework Program is now recognized as a tremendous success within the community, as well as by individuals and organizations that have contributed to its development.

Daily Routine

Students arrive by bus or arranged transportation between 3:00 – 3:45pm from five schools: Stelly’s Secondary, LAUWELNEW Tribal School, Bayside Middle School, Pacific Christian School, and KELSET elementary school.

Students are fed a nutritious snack and when that is completed , they settle in on their work sheets, homework or group activities. kindergarten to grade 5 students are dismiss at 4:30, with the older students going until 6:00 pm.

Attendance is taken daily from Monday through Thursday, even if a student only comes for a snack or has to go home early.

Incentive/Points System
The After School Homework Program has developed an incentive system that sees students earning points for the following categories:

  • completion of homework
  • bringing an agenda
  • reading
  • completing binder work
  • being a teacher’s helper
  • being a cooperative listener
  • exhibiting good behavior
  • project completion
  • being a “buddy” student

Points are then tallied at the end of the week, and students are rewarded with prizes in recognition of their hard work.

Future Development

In the coming years, we expect to build on the past successes of our program by developing the following areas:

1. Infrastructure: Staff and students attending the program are looking forward to being relocated to the new and better equipped Community Centre.

Being in the new Community building would also promote the integration of the variety of youth-related programs that are being developed by the Health Department staff and the Youth Worker (e.g. Youth Suicide Prevention programs, Arts and Crafts programs, sports programs etc). Being in the proximity of the Media Room and the computer lab facility will be beneficial.

2. Staffing: We are always looking for volunteers to help with the current workload and provide support for our special needs students who require dedicated space, and supervision.

We have support from the University of Victoria in the following ways:

  • practicum students in the Nursing and Education Departments from the. We have also been a part of the STEM project (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Outreach program also through the department of Science and Aboriginal Affairs at the University of Victoria. These are long term arrangements.

3. New Program Development:

This year, we will aim to support high school students entering universities, colleges, and skilled trades training. We hope to provide services for students attending the STEP program at the Saanich Adult Education Center. To do this we will need to expand our resources and also have adequate classroom spaces especially for evening sessions.


We hope to strengthen and expand our partnerships with various departments of the University of Victoria (e.g. Engineering and Computer Science and Nursing), the Victoria Native Friendship Center as well as the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children.