Tsawout First Nation

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Girls Group

Tsawout Girl's Group

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Girls group is a weekly gathering of young women (ages 11-14) who are members of the Tsawout community. These groups run in a structured manner, with a dependable schedule of activities and learning exercises. We aim to learn together, make crafts, and have fun! The girls group has been running for several years now, and is always changing and growing. This year we are planning on bringing in elders, and other community volunteers to share stories and teachings with us.

This is an evidence based program that includes data collection, group feedback from each session, qualitative and quantitative evaluation, and a yearly presentation to community using this data. We hope that by sharing this information we can continue to grow and change, so that all the girls at Tsawout will always be the best they can be.

There are two things that are a bit different this year, than years past. The first is that we will really start on time! We will run from 3:45-5:00, and latecomers will have to wait till the next week to participate. The other change is that we will be running the group on Thursday evenings this year.

 The group will have a set number of sessions for each term, with pre-planned activities and schedule of events. Some of the activities are learning relaxation exercises, making crafts, journal writing, circle work, and story sharing. We always try to create a positive, judgement free space for the girls to “be themselves” and develop respectful relationships with each other and with their teachers.

In terms of teaching goals there are two central focuses. The first is increasing self-esteem in young women; this includes self-confidence, communication skills, cultural teachings, positive group experiences, individual goal completion, and increased interest in schooling. The second goal is increased positive body image. Through all the teachings, body perception, image, and information will be shared.

If you are interested in volunteering in the group, or would like to find out more about it, please contact our Girl's Group coordinator here