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I,TOTELṈEW̱,ÁUTW̱ News August 2013

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Learning House Summer Camp 2013

The JELLYFISH group had the opportunity to work in the community garden, visit Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary as well as the Saanich Historical Heritage Society. The STARFISH group are seen visiting the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, while the older WOLVES group are at John Dean Park.

youth camp web

Thank you to TSAWOUT Summer Camp Team Leaders and Youth Leaders for providing excellent support for ALL our campers - you are awesome! Thank you Jessie Jim for the Youth Leadership Training week that was from July 2nd - July 6th, as well as orientation of our Youth Workers. Team building and training has certainly made a difference in the confidence that is being demonstrated by our Youth Leaders.

TSAWOUT Summer Camp registration numbers are high with 73 registered, but our average daily attendance of 55 campers is manageable.

Tabita Marks, Head Start Coordinator 4-6 yrs. old: JELLY FISH LEMIXSEN Team
Gail Sam, Matthew Smith, Courtney Sampson, Jessica Webster, Marjorie Pelkey.

Rae-Deen George, TSAWOUT Summer Camp Supervisor 7-9 yrs. old: EAGLE Team
Shyquintin Charlie, Alicia Underwood, Bridgette Underwood, Elliott Pelkey.

Nick Henry, TSAWOUT Summer Camp Supervisor 9-12 yrs. old: WOLF Team
Ben George, Pauline Cayou.

Stephanie H. Adams, TSAWOUT LEARNING HOUSE Coordinator, who is overseeing the TSAWOUT Summer Camp, can be contacted for any questions or concerns (250) 652-9101 ext. 332.

Please see the TSAWOUT Camp Calendar for daily activities. Campers should come to camp with the following items:
1. Hat
2. Water bottle
3. Backpack with swim suit/towel
4. Sun screen

Hot Lunches and picnic lunches are prepared daily, thanks to Rose and the kitchen staff. Leaders also provide morning and afternoon snacks and water. The drinking of pop or energy drinks by campers and TSAWOUT Camp Leaders is discouraged as is the chewing of gum. It has also been requested that campers not bring gum. This can be a problem with gum on dishes, on the tables and on the floor. A reminder that valuables, special toys, lacrosse sticks and electronic gadgets should not be brought to camp, please keep them safe at home.

Three Strikes You’re Out!! This is the policy used to monitor poor choices made by all campers.
1. NO bullying, fighting or swearing
2. Be respectful of yourself, others and all public property
3. Be cooperative with ALL staff and youth leaders
4. ALWAYS ask your Leader....before leaving your group, ONLY with buddy
5. Use road safety: Walk on the side of the road, behind your leader
6. No eating/ drinking on the bus

In accordance with these rules, staff has established a “strike” system where if these rules are not followed and children need to be spoken to it will equal 1 strike.

3 STRIKES = 1 Day Suspension from TSAWOUT Summer Camp
3 more STRIKES = 1 Week suspension from TSAWOUT Summer Camp
3 more STRIKES = Dismissal from TSAWOUT Summer Camp

Thank you very much for reminding and reviewing these rules with your child(ren).

Some activities that have been enjoyed this month:

S.T.EM. Camp, Byte Camp, and some local field trips to Saanich Bay Park, John Dean Park, Island View Beach study, Shaw Ocean Discovery, Iroquois Water Park, Saanich Historical Heritage Society, Swan Lake, Boulders Climbing Wall, Centennial Park, Beckwith Water Park, Galey’s Farm and a weekly swim at Panorama Recreation Centre.

By the time you see this newsletter we will be into our 4th week of TSAWOUT Summer Camp. Please remember volunteer parents/relatives are more than welcome to attend the Panorama Recreation Centre swim days. We are in need of adult supervisors to swim with children 4-6 years old. Your admission will be paid; however, transportation is limited, so providing your own transportation is preferred.

As I am involved in TSAWOUT Summer Camp 2013, I have put the TSAWOUT LEARNING HOUSE planning on the back burner. However, just a reminder that registration forms for your child(ren)'s participation in TSAWOUT Learning House need to be completed before the 2013 school year start-up on Monday, September 9th.  

TSAWOUT Learning House is available for after school care for children starting at 4 years old, as long as they are in a Head Start Program through to Grade 12 for academic support.  TSAWOUT Learning House hours are Monday to Thursday 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm and Friday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

Stephanie H. Adams                              
TSAWOUT I,TOTELṈEW̱,ÁUTW̱  “Learning House”  Coordinator                               
(250) 652-9101 ext. 332

JÁN ÍY, SȻÁEL E TIÁ  It's a good day today.

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