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Tsawout Learning House Summer Camp 2013

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HISKWE to TSAWOUT Summer Camp team leaders for your excellent support for the youth leaders and ALL our campers. You are awesome leaders! It has been a privilege to oversee such an outstanding team.

Tabita Marks, Head Start Coordinator 4-6 yrs. old: JELLY FISH LEMIXSEN Team
Gail Sam, Matthew Smith, Courtney Samson, Jessica Webster, Marjorie Pelkey, Rae-Deen George, TSAWOUT Summer Camp Supervisor 7-9 yrs. old: EAGLE Team
Shy, Alicia Underwood, Bridgette Underwood, Elliott Pelkey, Nick Henry, TSAWOUT Summer Camp Supervisor 9-12 yrs. old: WOLF Team
Ben George, Pauline Cayouyouth 1 web

The Summer Camp Leaders have been choosing awesome campers who have been selected for demonstrating Respect, Participation, Cooperation and Helpfulness to campers and leaders. A camper was selected from each team and they received a swimming mask and a snorkel.

HISKWE to Rose, Wally, Darlene, and Wayne-O for preparing daily hot lunches and picnic lunches and thank you to the leaders for serving the campers cereal and snacks every morning.

Some activities that have been enjoyed this month include:

  • B.C. Provincial Museum and Beacon Hill Park/Petting Zoo
  • Beading with Anna Walkus and Fried Bread with Doreen Thomas
  • Coast Salish Games
  • TSAWOUT Assembly of Praise Church VACATION BIBLE CAMP with visitors from Chinese Baptist Church
  • Power of Hope dance/games with instructor, Joanne Cuffe
  • Panorama Recreation Center Swim
  • Saanich Adult Care Elders: Christine Paul with Saanich Elders for beading, fried bread, Bone Game, Elder teachings on Respect, Participation, Cooperation and Helpfulness
  • Gyro Park-Cadboro Bay Beach Playzone
  • Finale Carnival  for Jellyfish:  Tickles and Yowza the Clowns presentation, music and balloon sculpturing, Danger By Design Face Painter-Christina Cheply, All Fun Bouncy Castle/Slide
  • Finale Field Trip for Eagles and Wolves:  Wildplay Elements Park-Monikido Kids
  • Finale Field Trip for TSAWOUT Summer Camp Leaders:   Stormin’ Norman’s Paintball

HISKWE for entrusting your child(ren) with TSAWOUT Summer Camp for 7 weeks.  It has been a FUN FILLED Summer and the weather…..BIG HISKWE SIEM Creator for giving us lots of sunshine and warm days! “THANK YOU, Creator God” for helping the T.S.C. Leaders to watch out for each child and for keeping our children safe and healthy.   

Enjoy the remainder of the summer and as you get ready for school, just a reminder that I am taking new registrants for TSAWOUT LEARNING HOUSE. I am also requesting that the returning students update their registration forms with current contacts and phone numbers.

I will be on holiday from August 26th - September 3rd to prep for the TSAWOUT Learning House facilities and program.

Parents and guardians please visit me in my office 8:30 am - 4:30 pm in the first week of September for T.L.H. registration forms.  The TSAWOUT LEARNING HOUSE will be open for students on Monday, September 9th.

Stephanie H. Adams,
TSAWOUT I,TOTELṈEW̱,ÁUTW̱  “Learning House” Coordinator