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Children’s Oral Health Initiative Program

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headstart webThe Tsawout Aboriginal C.O.H.I. Aid, Tabita Marks, has kept up with the children’s fluoride varnish program throughout the summer. There have been 49 children seen ages 0 – 4 years and 28 children 5-7 years. This is an early intervention tooth decay initiative to teach children & parents the importance of dental hygiene.

  • The fluoride varnish can be applied to your children’s teeth four times a year by either a Dental Therapist, Dental Hygienist or C.O.H.I. Aid
  • The fluoride prevents cavities by making the outside layer of the teeth stronger
  • Applications can start as soon as your child has teeth
  • Teeth are dried with gauze and the varnish is applied with a small brush
  • No brushing or eating crunch foods until the next day

Since the program started in October 2012, the goal has been to target as many children in our community. Tabita Marks had to take training first and assist the Dental Hygienist for the first part of the year to assess each child but since February 21, 2013 she can now make appointments to see children in her Head Start office or during home visit.  

There have been 10 children who received their four fluoride varnishes! As an incentive to parents, each child will receive a spin brush. Three children are being honoured in this newsletter and 7 more will be recognized in the next newsletter.