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WSANEC Youth Update

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- Mike Sheehan, WSANEC Youth Coordinator

As the variety of activities we are offering continues to grow we are seeing more participation from youth in all communities. In October youth stepped up and took initiative in conducting a bottle drive to raise money for the Halloween Youth Dance. We collected and sorted over $400 in recyclables. Thanks to Uncle Sid for taking a lead role in supporting these efforts. We had a good time doing this and are planning more bottle drives for the future. One thing we will be raising money for will be WSANEC YOUTH hoodies. If you have any ideas for the design please let us know.

Join our ‘WSANEC Youth Group’ on Facebook to see pictures and a cool video from the dance.

Planning is underway to host an inter-community meeting to discuss the ways forward in creating a youth mentorship program for the WSANEC nations` youth. There is a recognized need for additional youth support in communities and an overwhelming wait list for youth to access outside services. It is important we act now to meet the needs of our young people.

In this meeting we hope to:

  • Identify resources that are working well to support teens
  • Discuss needs of youth that are not being met
  • Hear input from members of each community
  • Strengthen networks and bridges between communities
  • Identify new resources and youth role models
  • Discuss the need and process of creating a WSANEC Youth Leadership Team and Youth Council
  • Discuss the need and process of creating a WSANEC Youth Mentorship Program
  • Discuss the creation and delivery of a `Youth Survey` to help gather information that will help better support young people in our communities.

If you have any ideas you would like to share or would be interested in participating in such a meeting please contact us.

Keep tuned into our Facebook group for all upcoming youth activities. If you have any `Youth News` that you would like to see in the next newsletter please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it